Milk Powder

Janus Services B.V. is a well-established company focused entirely on distributing high quality nutritional, healthy milk powder to the African markets and beyond. Our company has deep roots in the African communities, in which we aim to leave a positive impact with our FMCG-products.

Milk powder of the highest quality

Janus Services B.V. has developed strong relations with suppliers over the years and sources various types of milk powders.

  • Full Cream Milk Powder
  • Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Fat Filled Milk Powder

Our Milk Powder is produced by spray drying fresh, high quality milk and processed further according to the specifications required. Lecithin is added to our instant powders to ensure the end product dissolves easily in hot or cold water and instantly create delicious beverages.

The balanced protein, fat and sugar content in our milk powder makes it the ideal ingredient for producing yogurts, beverages, ice creams and other dairy recipes.

Rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, our milk powder contains the essential nutrients for a strong and healthy lifestyle.

JANUS products, brands and certainties

Please discover our various private brands, including several milk powders and other milk-related products. We supply CowMilk, JANUS and LP brands. Each brand was created to serve a specific requirement. Janus Services B.V. ensures that the products adhere to very strict hygiene regulations and select carefully suppliers working according to the relevant ISO certifications to produce milk products which are safe and offer great nutritional value.

LP WMP 26/2625kg 6201,040
LP IWMP 28/2425kg 6201,040
LP SMP 0.15/3425kg 6201,040
LP ISMP 0.25/3425kg6201,040
JANUS IFFMP 28/2425kg6001,020
COWMILK IFFMP 28/2425kg6001,060
28/24 Milk Powder400g x 24 tins8601,980
28/24 Milk Powder500g x 24 BIB8252,067
28/24 Milk Powder900g x 12 tins8161,829
28/24 Milk Powder1.8kg x 6 tins8241,924
28/24 Milk Powder2.5kg x 6 tins6051,403

Contact us for more information about our products

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of food products? Contact us by calling +31 (0)70 220 40 75. We are happy to inform you about our various products and brands, and how we may serve you as a supplier. Our private labels such as LIDO, CowMilk include products such as: milk powder, milk, vegetable oil, canned fish, mayonnaise and much more. Our aim is to do long term business with all our customers.