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The JANUS GROUP operates an international wave of product supply with its headquarters in The Netherlands.

We are focused on High quality food, FMCG and nutritional products under one roof.

The group operates via the following companies:

Janus Commodities Ltd. – London
Janus Dairies B.V. – Den Haag
Janus Services B.V. – Den Haag

Each company focuses on their product segmentation respectively.

The group has laid deep roots among the communities of the Central and West African regions and has been at the forefront of offering a wide range of goods. Founded in 1996 by the CEO Mr. Sunil L. Samtani, the company continues to grow substantially and is home to a wide range of day to day product.”

You can find the general conditions of Janus here in English  and French.


The purpose of JANUS is to enhance better health and wellness in every African home by connecting people to safe, tasty and quality food and household items at affordable prices.


JANUS will grow its business by extending its product range in existing African markets while carefully accessing neighbouring markets and supply chain options to best achieve our objectives in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable manner. We will target other markets only where we see opportunities to leverage our supply chain and/or product groups to strengthen profitability.

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