Vegetable Oil

Janus Services B.V. is well-established vegetable oil distributor. Janus products and brands are known for their premium quality. Janus is a prominent supplier to the African markets and beyond. Our company has deep roots in the African communities, in which we aim to leave a positive impact with our FMCG-products.

Vegetable oil distributor for the African market and beyond

Janus Services B.V. distributes vegetable oil in the Central & West African market and beyond. Our company has over 20 years of experience in sourcing high quality vegetable oil from selected premium suppliers, providing sunflower oil, palm oil, etc to our customers in thirty-eight African countries.

Packaging options, long term partnership and experience in vegetable oil distributing

Whether you are looking for bottles of 1L, 5L, drums or any other packaging, Janus Services B.V. can source the right format from one of its suppliers. Janus Services B.V. believes in creating long term partnership with its suppliers to offer you vegetable oil with high nutritional value at a competitive price. Janus Services B.V. has accumulated experience in the whole supply chain from origins to destinations. We understand the importance of the right product at the right price with the adequate services and we thrive to ensure timely deliveries at destination.

CP 6 Vegetable Oil 1L x 12 bottle1,470
CP8/10 Vegetable Oil3L x 6 bottle1,063
CP8/10 Vegetable Oil5L x 4 bottle 1,054 
CP8/10 Vegetable Oil10L Jerry Cans2,448
CP8/10 Vegetable Oil20L Jerry Cans1,320
CP8/10 Vegetable Oil25L Jerry Cans1,084

Contact Janus Services for all your food distribution needs

Janus Services B.V is known under the brands LIDO, CLEMA, CowMilk, PUNTA CANA and SAFI MOTO. Our different labels offer a wide range of products including eggs, sauces, canned food, vegetable oil, various milk and milk powders, sardines and much more. We would like to inform you about our services and how we can serve you as a long term supplier. Contact us for more information by calling +31 (0)70 220 40 75.