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Janus Services B.V. is well-established company focused entirely on distributing high quality nutritional, health and food products to the African markets and beyond. We have been supplying our wide range of canned food to the African continent as a major canned food supplier known for its unparalleled quality. Our company has deep roots in the African communities, in which we aim to leave a positive impact with our FMCG-products.

Canned food supplier and distributor to West and Central Africa

Janus Services B.V. distributes canned product in the Central & West African market and beyond. Our company has over 20 years of experience in sourcing freshly canned vegetables and meat from selected premium suppliers, providing canned vegetables as well as meat and fish to our customers in thirty-eight African countries.

Over 20 years’ experience: JANUS as your canned food supplier

Whether you are looking 400gr, 800gr canned products or any other packaging, Janus Services B.V.  can offer the right format. Janus Services B.V. believes in creating long term partnership with its suppliers to offer you a canned product with high nutritional value at a competitive price. Moreover, we care about selecting our suppliers based on their production quality and certifications. Janus Services B.V. has accumulated experience in the whole supply chain from origins to destinations. We understand the importance of the right product at the right price with the adequate services and we thrive to ensure timely deliveries at destination.

Contact us for more information about our products

Do you wish to engage our services as a supplier of canned food and count on our experience in distributorship to West and Central Africa? We are more than happy to serve you! Whichever product you choose, you are always guaranteed of premium quality. We are happy to tell you all about our various products and how we may serve you as a supplier.

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Jurriaan Kokstraat 114
2586 SL Den Haag
The Netherlands.

        + 31 (070) 220 40 75
        + 31 (070) 220 40 76


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